Today, our one of the important mission is to expand the reach of our services to help people and society.
Currently, we are supplying OREC’s professional garden equipment to countries in Europe and beyond.
OREC is highly regarded in the market of professional garden equipment not only in Japan but also in Europe, and has achieved the position of “OREC stands for high performance garden equipment”.
Now, with a strong passion to help enrich the lives of people all over the world, we are working hard on bringing OREC to dominate the global professional outdoor power equipment market and reach more people, societies and cultures with OREC’s vision.
As such, we have identified 3 Main Groups of countries with particular potential as the following.

Northern Europe

Baltic States


Why These 3 Regions?

We have been working towards bringing our services to the world.
Through our work, we have found that there are four areas of particular interest to OREC: Northern Europe, Baltic States, and Oceania.
Needless to say, our mission is to deliver OREC outdoor power equipment and skilled services to countries all over the world, but we initially planned to focus on these four areas to promote new development activities.
We also analyzed why there was so much interest from these four areas, and found that many of them matched the demand for our outdoor power equipment.
We will be able to compete in areas where our equipment excels, such as climate and landscape.
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OREC Always Here For You

OREC’s philosophy has always been focused on designing machines for the care and protection of the environment. We have chosen the new green color to remember the grass and plants that are the basis of our ecosystem. A “green” development is now the basis of every culture and is an essential factor in ensuring the future of our society. The development and realization of machines innovative machines, suitable to face the challenges in a rapidly changing environment evolving environment, must, according to our philosophy, make it possible to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical herbicides, which are today among the most important sources of environmental pollution environmental pollution and are highly harmful to human health. OREC wants to make its contribution to the creation of a greener and more vibrant society. Our mission is to improve man’s relationship with nature, designing machines for grass cutting, soil cultivation, transport of materials, reliable and easy to use transport of materials, reliable and easy to use. Improve the relationship of man with nature will lead to a greater awareness greater awareness in the use of our resources and to a greater respect for the environment in which we live.
Choosing OREC today, means finding a new balance respecting ourselves but above all by protecting our green. Grass is oxygen, it is health and harmony, it is prosperity for us, today, and for future generations, tomorrow.

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