Aspire to Finer Mowing Patterns

The SR600 is a walk-behind mower equipped with an entirely new cutting deck and gearbox, leaving behind beautiful mowing patterns and a sense of satisfaction. Already garnering strong support from professionals, OREC’s lawnmower has taken its commitment to delivering even better mowing results a step further. Through extensive research aimed at improving mowing patterns, OREC successfully developed the SR600 by reevaluating the shape of the cutting deck. This redesign ensures that professionals are satisfied with the mowing results, even when cutting grass almost a meter tall.

Additionally, the SR600 features a side clutch, providing outstanding stability during operations on slopes or uneven terrain. Its exceptional performance in leaving well-defined mowing patterns while cutting grass of up to one meter in height makes it particularly appreciated for use on infrequently mowed inclined surfaces.

While not quite reaching mulching capabilities, the SR600 demonstrates performance close to that level, allowing it to maintain the landscape’s greenery while delivering optimal results. Ideal for maintaining the aesthetics of green spaces, this mower ensures a top-notch performance.


Displacement 224 cc
Fuel capacity 1.2L
Transmission Mechanical
Cutting Width  600 mm
Cutting Height   50-110 mm
Speed (km)   3    /   2    /   1    /  R
5.0 / 3.1 / 1/9 / 2.3
Dimensions 2100 x 710 x 930 mm
Weight 118 kg
Blade Bar Blade
Front wheel Twin wheels
Steering Side crutchs
Handle Adjustment Vertically & horizontally
✓ENGINE: KOHLER CV224  ✓Side crutch  ✓Blade Height Adjustment  ✓One touch handle Adjustment  ✓Bar Blade  
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