A True Ride-On Brush Cutter | Entry Model of RM Series

The RM83G by OREC will make brush clearing fun and easy! With two flail blades on either end of the center blade and a rock-solid spindle, you can take down woody material, tall grass, and thick brush. You’ll get that Go-Cart driving feeling as you take down brush, and you take that brush down quickly, easily, and with little physical strain.
Let’s go clear some brush with the OREC Ride-On Brush Cutter!

What makes the OREC Ride-On Brush Cutter different from other riding mowers?

Many professionals attempt to cut brush using an ordinary riding mower. As they quickly learn, these riding mowers are not designed for rough use. As a consequence for taking on hearty brush and thick, tall grass, ordinary mowers easily receive belt brakes and damage to its spindle. Our engineers know how tough brush cutting can be on outdoor power equipment, and have therefore added extra reinforcement and minimize damage to our riding brush mower through innovation in its design. In addition, the OREC Ride-On Brush Cutter’s low center of gravity and locking differential feature makes this riding brush mower easy to operate, even when tackling slopes.


Displacement 389 cc
Fuel capacity 11L
Transmission Hydrostatic (10cc)
Cutting Width 820 mm
Cutting Height 50-110 mm
Speed (km)   4  /   3  /  2   /  1   /  R
7.7 / 5.1 / 3.1 / 1.9 / 2.2
Dimensions 1760 x 990 x 870 mm
Weight 248 kg
Blade Free Blade x2
Steering Differential Lock
Handle Position  3 positions
Front Brake  Equipped 
✓ENGINE: HONDA GXV390  ✓OREC seat   ✓Differential Gear & Differential Lock  ✓Front Brake  ✓Seat suspension  
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