A Brush-Slashing Walk Behind Brush Cutter

The SH61 Mower, a Walk Behind Brush Cutter by OREC, will slash all types of brush including tall grass, weeds and even small saplings. Used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and park maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management, the Rotary Mower has become a staple among outdoor professionals from its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design.

Tough, Versatile and Efficient – What More Could You Want From a Rotary Brush Mower?

The Rotary Mower features the easiest to use in the industry. The locking differential can get you through soggy and uneven ground, while our unique large front wheel design is durable and makes it easy to turn our Rotary Mower through tight corners and around obstacles. You can adjust the cutting height from two to four inches simply by turning a crank and our ergonomic design allows you to control the Rotary Mower with ease.


Displacement 224 cc
Fuel capacity 1.2L
Transmission Mechanical
Cutting Width  600 mm
Cutting Height   50-100 mm
Speed (km)   3    /   2    /   1    /  R
3.91 / 2.61 / 1.73 / 1.73
Dimensions 2100 x 710 x 930 mm
Weight 98 kg
Blade Bar Blade
Blade Rotation Low Speed
Steering Differential Lock
Handle Adjustment Vertically & horizontally
Parking Brake Equipped
✓ENGINE: KOHLER CV224  ✓Differential Gear & Differential Lock ✓ Low-Speed Blade Rotation  ✓Blade Height Adjustment  ✓Brake Clutch Steering  ✓Handle Adjustment  ✓Bar Blade  ✓Parking Brake
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